Agile Performance Management

Tuesday 13th September 2022

John Rice
Performance Management Expert
Jamie Prangnell
Agile & Scrum Scale-up Expert

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Learning outcomes

Short overviews will be provided of the following: 

  • How to build an employee-centred methodology to research and validate the performance related experiences, pain points, goals and business challenges so you can build an improved performance management framework and experience that adapts to future workforce needs and requirements.
  • Helping you understand how to go about creating and establishing your north star Agile Performance Management vision for organisational buy-in and alignment to help drive the change needed, setting OKRs and measurable outcomes.
  • How to design and architect a new performance management framework for the organisation, breaking it down into different value streams, priorities, and goals so you can build a product-led team to deliver it.
Next steps

Feedback for past Bowland events

“The polls worked well because we were able to see where others were at (in their approach to agile) and where their challenges were.”

“A well-researched and presented webinar which fused some important research with Bowland's expertise in performance-management, engagingly delivered.”

‍“I liked the fact there was more than one presenter/host so that at times it sounded more conversational.”

“Well presented. The contextualising and mixed use of interesting content worked well, and it links to what we're looking to implement at present.”